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Championship Soccer '94

Cadillacs and Dinosaurs

Captain Tsubasa

Sonic CD

Final Fight CD

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Top 50 Downloaded:

Sonic CD600,219
Captain Tsubasa503,892
Cadillacs and Dinosaurs200,876
Final Fight CD125,964
Mighty Morphin Power Rangers110,179
Mortal Kombat106,199
Tomcat Alley100,529
Amazing Spider-Man vs. Kingpin87,029
Lunar the Silver Star86,273
Mad Dog McCree83,915
Night Trap Disk 177,011
Shining Force CD76,155
Adventures of Batman & Robin75,444
Earthworm Jim Special Edition73,734
Dragon's Lair61,939
Popful Mail57,025
Lunar 256,476
Night Trap Disk 249,669
WWF - Rage in the Cage49,449
Jurassic Park49,079
Masked Rider45,238
Mickey Mania45,202
Samurai Shodown39,117
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Top 50 Rated (Out of 5):

Sonic CD 4.60
NBA Jam 4.75
Mortal Kombat 4.65
Revenge of the Ninja 4.72
Adventures of Batman & Robin 4.69
Amazing Spider-Man vs. Kingpin 4.66
Sim Earth - The Living Planet 4.69
Samurai Shodown 4.67
Captain Tsubasa 4.57
Formula 1 World Championship 4.67
Battlecorps 4.67
Dune 4.66
Flashback 4.65
Dungeon Master II - Skull Keeper 4.65
Demolition Man 4.64
Earthworm Jim Special Edition 4.63
Radical Rex 4.64
Mad Dog McCree 4.63
5 in 1 Sega Arcade Classics 4.61
Dragon's Lair 4.62
Cadillacs and Dinosaurs 4.58
Final Fight CD 4.58
Jurassic Park 4.60
Mickey Mania 4.60
Terminator 4.59
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Most Recently Added:

Mega Race05/10/2006
Mad Dog McCree 203/30/2006
Supreme Warrior Disk 211/15/2005
Supreme Warrior Disk 111/15/2005
Surgical Strike11/14/2005
Winning Post11/14/2005
Revenge of the Ninja11/13/2005
Sensible Soccer11/13/2005
Prize Fighter Disk 211/13/2005
Power Monger11/13/2005
Stellar Fire11/13/2005
Star Wars Chess11/13/2005
World Cup USA '9411/13/2005
Racing Aces11/13/2005

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