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Shining Force CD

Sonic CD

Cadillacs and Dinosaurs

Amazing Spider-Man vs. Kingpin

Mortal Kombat

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Top 50 Downloaded:

Sonic CD779,789
Captain Tsubasa533,669
Cadillacs and Dinosaurs215,810
Mortal Kombat163,859
Final Fight CD143,928
Adventures of Batman & Robin131,464
Mighty Morphin Power Rangers122,017
Amazing Spider-Man vs. Kingpin116,831
Tomcat Alley102,843
Lunar the Silver Star93,916
Earthworm Jim Special Edition86,912
Shining Force CD86,720
Mad Dog McCree86,655
Night Trap Disk 182,346
Dragon's Lair69,862
Eternal Champions64,242
Popful Mail63,243
Lunar 261,002
WWF - Rage in the Cage55,869
Jurassic Park55,210
Mickey Mania52,580
Night Trap Disk 251,901
Masked Rider46,573
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Top 50 Rated (Out of 5):

Sonic CD 4.70
Mortal Kombat 4.74
NBA Jam 4.87
Bouncers 4.86
Black Hole Assault 4.85
Captain Tsubasa 4.64
Hook 4.78
Adventures of Batman & Robin 4.74
Dungeon Master II - Skull Keeper 4.77
Battle Fantasy 4.77
3x3 Eyes - Legend of the Divine Demon 4.76
Final Fight CD 4.70
Ninja Warriors 4.75
Ultraverse Prime 4.75
Mad Dog McCree 4.72
Amazing Spider-Man vs. Kingpin 4.67
Dune 4.71
5 in 1 Sega Arcade Classics 4.70
Dragon's Lair 4.69
Android Assault 4.69
Sim Earth - The Living Planet 4.70
Samurai Shodown 4.69
Adventures of Willy Beamish 4.69
Cadillacs and Dinosaurs 4.64
Radical Rex 4.69
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Most Recently Added:

Mega Race05/10/2006
Mad Dog McCree 203/30/2006
Supreme Warrior Disk 211/15/2005
Supreme Warrior Disk 111/15/2005
Surgical Strike11/14/2005
Winning Post11/14/2005
Revenge of the Ninja11/13/2005
Sensible Soccer11/13/2005
Prize Fighter Disk 211/13/2005
Power Monger11/13/2005
Stellar Fire11/13/2005
Star Wars Chess11/13/2005
World Cup USA '9411/13/2005
Racing Aces11/13/2005

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